Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Skeet Shooting

Jobe had a bunch of people to our house to do
some skeet shooting out back at our neighbors
shooting range lots of fun and tons of bullets!

The Dome

Kelly riding Breanna's bike and tons of people enjoying a game of football. Rick the owner of Hampshire Hills let us use the dome on Thanksgiving day in honour of Grammy because she was so excited for him when it finally opened, a very sweet jesture and we all got to enjoy it.

Family Photos Thanksgiving Day

The love of my LIFE!!!

A Wonderful Thanksgiving

All Fun and Games!! Don't hit the peg Jody!!!
Shelby and Jean deGroot
Nate playing with Kyle
Molly and Daddy
Nate and Shelby
Molly's first Thanksgiving(Playing with trucks)
Shelby and Uncle Dean wrestling
Too full to move!!
Great Grampie with Andrea, Duane and
Shilo the 16Th great grandchild.
Great Grampie and Colby
The table
Thanks for the beautiful decorations
Jody and Jananne

The Kids Table

Alway fun at Pappas and Grety's Camp

Culvert Snow Sledding

Jobe, Brody and Shelby

Duane and Calista

New use for a Harly Rake!!! Plowing snow
Molly's first time to stay into the hunting camp.
Thanks for the use of the camp it sure wasn't
the same without Grampie and Grammy.
The kids enjoying hunting camp.
Shelby reading her book!

Which way am I going! Shelby wearing
Great Grampie's boots.

Us on the bridge

Shelbs enjoying the snow

Shelby, Molly and Brody

Molly's first time in the snow!

Shelby and Molly playing with mom

Jobe coming in from hunting covered in snow.

Dean coming in from hunting

Brody and Shelby playing under the
pine tree in front of the camp,
it was like a little fort under it.

Brody all bundled up standing on the bridge

Jobe and Dean's new attire for hunting waiters.
Actually Dean shot at a buck that was down by
the stream so they figured they should wear
something so they wouldn't get soaked.
They sure did look SEXY!!!

Cold Weather Iris

Since we had such warm weather this fall I had an Iris start to bloom again. When it started freezing at night I cut it off and brought it in the hosue I had 8 blooms open up while in the house. It was so nice to have a touch of summer on those cold days!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shelby and Orange Crush

Shelby did great but didn't know what to think
when he flew off!!

Shelby holding Orange Crush

Molly hanging out on the floor