Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cuyler Ramage

We got to baby sit Cuyler while Duane and Natalie went out.
He was lots of fun and the kids loved having a new
little one in the house especially when he would
yell at them, they kept laughing so he would keep yelling!!!

4 Wheelin Dude

Thanks for the cool four wheeler!!!!

Just givin his all!!

This is Awesome!!!!

The New Mom to Be

The cake was yummy and in the shape of a bib The Very excited parents to be
Every little girl needs tons of shoes
Bouncy seat

Ryan that was your gift so you will be the
one who is suppose to use it!!!

A fond comment made by Ryan when
he was a kid, Kelly thought his girl should know.
The very excited Aunty

Friday, January 4, 2008

Snowblowing the Deck

We hadn't shoveled any snow off our deck all winter so we
figured that it was time. Layers of snow and ice made it
really hard to snow blow. Jobe would break up the ice chunks
and I would snow blow it off the deck. We were tired got done at 11:00pm
after the birthday party.
Our house buried in the snow.

The snow sure makes the lights look pretty.

Happy 3rd Birthday Colby

Happy 3rd Birthday Colby
He had a pool party at Hampshire Hills
The kids loved it.

Nate getting splashed

Paxton & Brent
The Boys
Brody, Braden & Paxton

Duane and Shilo
Colby & Molly
Molly & Daddy
Nate & Kyle
The girls
Ava, Shelby, Calli, Lilly, Bre and Ellie

Snowmobiling With the White's

Hard day snowmobilingShelbs
Helmet Hair
Helmet hair
Laura White
Shelby & Bronson (Nice face expression)
The 5 Miles
The Whole Group.
Thanks for leading the way Dale we had a blast.
What a wonderful way to spend the last day of
the year.

Me and Molly all set up in our snowmobiling gear
Dale WhiteAustin (Thanks for letting Brody ride with you)