Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brody's First Ice Fishing Trip

Dad and Mom took Brody Ice fishing he had so much fun. Chuck and LouAnne took them thanks for giving him such a wonderful day!This boy and his Dad went as well.
Chuck, Lou and Brods
A little advice from Chuck
The one fish they caught

Lunch time
Pappas and Brody
Lou and Chuck
Grety and BrodyPappas and Brody
Having fun
Brody watching Pappas shovel pathways
Mr Fisher
Watching the fish jump
Trying out the auger
Learning how to do it

Enjoying Our Snowmobiles

Out behind our house Brody and Daddy's sleds
Me and the kids.
Me giving the kids a ride. I love doing this with the kids because I use to ride in the same sled when I was younger.

Cant leave Pudge out!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our 10 Year Anniversary Cruise

Jobe and I wanted to share our pictures from our cruise, we had a wonderful time as you will see from our pictures. We flew into Miami spend Sunday and Monday then got on the ship Monday. Tuesday we were in Key West and we just walked around town and got some goodies for the kids. Wednesday morning we stayed on the ship till we arrived in Cozumel in the afternoon and then we took a snorkel beach excursion that was lots of fun. We then went back and changed and then when back to Cozumel for some shopping fun to be their in the evening. Thursday was a full day at sea which we had perfect weather. Friday morning we got up early and took a last excursion to the Everglades in Miami to kill some time till our flight home. Our kids stayed with our nanny and they had a wonderful week as well. Was nice to go away and know they where in such great hands. Was so nice to spend so much one on one time as a couple. Was a great reminder of why we love each other so much. Thanks for all those that made our trip special and to the love of my life for sharing so much wonderful time with me. Love you so MUCH!!

Home To Our Babies

Last Day of Vacation An Airboat Ride in The Everglades

Last Night On The Ship

Last Full day on The Ship


Formal Night

Key West