Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Member of our Family

Trying to think of a name if anyone has any suggestions.
We were thinking of Smooch since he is a love bird. Brody is loving the bird.

Jobe and I finally got the kids another bird. We decided to get a different kind this time something that is suppose to be handled a little more than our old canary. This one wont sing like Orange Crush did, but he has lots more color. This bird is a lovebird and they will get really friendly if you handle them alot, which should make it fun. Don't have lots of pictures because he was nervous and when we finally got home the girls were sound asleep. Shelby was a little nervous at first because it has a bigger beak and we told them if they weren't nice it could bite them. Don't know it that was a good idea but we want it to be friendly so they need to learn. Molly just wants to maul the thing so we have to be very careful with her, but sure thinks its great.

Aunty Sarah and Natalie Babysit the Girls

Our babysitter needed Friday off and I had an appointment,
so Aunty Sarah and Baby Natalie watched the girls.
Shelby finally getting to hold Baby Natalie (she hounds us all the time)
Shelby saw this hat at Target and we had to have it for Natalie

Sorry this post is a little out of order.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 6th Birthdy Braden

Happy Birthday Big Dude
We cant believe that he is 6 years old. Time goes by way too fast!!

Four Wheeler and Dirt Bike Show

For anyone interested some of these jumps are really impressive! Some of them are Blurry but I think you can get and idea what is going on. We came to the fair with Jess and her kids to watch this show. The kids sure enjoyed it. Jobe ended up getting lost so he missed it. Jess volunteered to keep take the kids home so we could stay for the later show. It was great as well but we thought we would freeze to death on the way home because we had the bike. It was alot of fun though, Thanks for taking the kids Jess!!

Rochester Fair

Lots of fun things to do and see at the fair.
Fun day and the weather couldn't have been better.
The slide is always a hit with the kids
Went so fast my hat flew off

Jobe and Brody went a hand glider ride. They loved it.

Shelby always loves the Horse Ride!!!
Molly's first ride she laughed hysterically the whole time!
Ready for take off. Serena and Shelby were behind Molly and I
TJ & Brody were in front of us.

Brody and Serena went on the swing ride.

I thought this was a cool chicken
Kids got a kick out of the geese.
I wanted to buy this little fella but Jobe didn't think it was

a good idea. Shelby and I both thought it was so adorable Shelby like the white one as well.
Molly checking out the calves

Watching the horse pulls

Grandview Farm's Animals

Friday afternoon it was so gorgeous that I wanted to do something fun outside with the kids. We brought Daddy lunch and then we decided to go and visit the animals. The kids always love to do that! Thanks Uncle Roger and Aunt Bonnie

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Big Boy Starts Kindergarten

Jobe and I took Brody to his first day of kindergarten.
We cant believe he is in kindergarten.Braden and Brody getting ready to go in.
Proud Daddy and Mommy
Triple trouble.
Getting his new back pack off to put on the rack.

Paxton and Brody are in the same class.

Our Motorcycle Ride In Canada

Jobe and I took a motorcycle ride while the kids stayed with Gran
and Pappa. We were dodging rain showers the whole ride. Then
all of a sudden it let loose and we came upon a little picnic area
with a roof and no picnic table so we pulled right in and waited
for the storm to pass. It was hilarious especially when Jobe got
stuck with his bike (check out the video at bottom)

We took the ferry over to Gagetown and then headed
to Fredericton. It was a wonderful ride.