Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Photos

We all got together to take family pictures for
Mom and Dad's 35th wedding anniversary.
We all were happy with the way they turned out!
The whole familyThe 5 Miles
The kids with their spouses
Me and my brothers
Sarah and Natalie
The boys Brody and Cooper
The Girls.
Shil, Lilly, Callista, Natalie, Shelby and Molly
All the grandkids
Duane, Andrea, Shilo, Callista and Lillian
Dean, Sarah, Cooper and Natalie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

We are heade to Pittsburg today for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to a nice long weekend away with the family. We all will be together for turkey day and then Dean and Sarah will have to leave and the rest of us are staying for the weekend. Hoping to get a bunch of scrapbooking done. But most of all just spend time with the family and relax. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and a very enjoyable weekend.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stone Soup

They had a play a Brody's school for Thanksgiving called
Stone Soup. The kids sand a song and then we ate stone soup.
It was so cute. One class were pilgrims and Brody class were Indians

Our little Indian

Brody' class
Brogan one of Brody's good friends from school
Shelby trying on the costume
Here is a true little Indian
The girls were so happy to get to see big brother at school
Brody eating his soup

Finally Got Back Up To Camp

The girls wishing Daddy some good luck
We finally got back up to camp, it had been so long. Hunting girl
The kids getting a bucket ride
Momma and her kids
Daddy and his boy
Pappas splitting wood
Pappas and his 2 girls
The kids helping with the wood.
Brody loading the bucket
Shelby loading the bucket
Molly loading the bucket
Natalie at camp
Dean and his baby
Feeding the fish with Pappas
Molly throwing the food
Shelby feeding the fish
Thanks for ag reat weekend Mom and Dad.

Molly's Slpit Eye

Molly split her eye about 10 minutes we were suppose to go to
meeting, so we had to stay home. We couldnt get it to stop bleeding
for a long time. Jed stoped by after meeting to borrow my camera
I thought it was a cute picture of hime with the girls.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Fun Day With the Ireland's

Daddy and Molly enjoying the beach.
We had so much fun just enjoying the day.

Rick and Alana

The kids thought this dead fish was so cool.

Headed back to the car. Kids were tired.

Brody and and Isaac
Shelby wanted to get buried in the sand, but she couldnt stand in her shoes.

Rick getting to carry 2 of the girls
Shelby catching a ride from Mom.
Nice Butt Crack!
The Ireland Family
Jobe and IThanks for a great weekend you 2
The 5 Miles
Daddy showing the kids a clam
Candi and Rick ( nice skirt Rick)
Molly enjoying the beach

All the 6 kids
Rick at the game
The game
The spectatorsThe kids were climbing the trees
Out of order, but sooo cute.

The girls in the tub
Addison, Molly, Alana and Shelby Rick trying to climb a retaining wall
The kids on the wall
Molly holding on