Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My "Birthday" Present From Brody

Brody came upstairs and told me he had a birthday present for me.
He had wrote I love Mom on a card and gave me a bracelet
that he had found from a Halloween costume. So precious
sure made me smile. What a thoughtful little boy.

Curtis Cousins Christmas Swap

Our Visit From Uncle Brent and Jessica

We went to the Olive Garden in Manchester and the Brent and
Jessica headed home a couple of pictures before the left.
I think that Uncle Brent enjoyed his kiss from Molly Jessica getting a smooch
Daddy and his blue eyed girl
Getting his car seat
Brody sure had fun with Uncle Brent
Uncle Brent and Brody
Jessica and Brent
We all went glow bowling on Saturday afternoon it was a blast
The girls eating some food
Molly Anna
Chilling with Uncle Brent
A happy Mom to be out having fun with my family
Jobe bowling
Shelby's turn Brody would get the balls
Brody helping Shelby
The love birds
They had so much fun
Molly in Daddy's hat
Daddy's turn
Uncle Brent
Jessica's turn and every time she went Brody got her ball.
She told him he brought her good luck he thought that was pretty cool
Big bowling dude
A couple of videos of us all bowling


The kids and I went our sledding on Friday some of the snow
was gone but the kids still had alot of fun.Brody and Shelby
Molly was getting tired
Molly trudging up the hill
here are a couple of videos of the sledding expedition, Brody took the last one.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas

Exchanging Gifts With My Side of the Family

Christmas With Georgia

The kids in front of Georgia's treeThe kids with Georgia
Shelby opening her gift
Her new outfit
Georgia opening her calender
The rest of her present
Georgia helping Shelby with her new eye toy
Molly opening her present
Brody's new watch
Thanks Georgia

Shelby's First Time to the Dentist