Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss Molly's Gifts

A few gifts before the party.
A little something from Pappas and Gretythanks Grety

A Barbie from Uncle Marty. She loved it thanks a million

Of course a little something for the other 2

Myra and Dawn 2 of our cousins up north sent Molly a gift. Dawn got her the outfit and Myra got her a bag filled with hair things, so Jobe thought he needed to put it all in her hair.
thanks Myra and Dawn so thoughtful
From Myra
From Dawn
Dad did a great job
The hair all done up (Cute)

Bowling for Molly's Birthday

Jess and her kids helped us celebrate Molly's birthday we took the kids bowling and then we went to Applebee's for some lunch. We had a fun time thanks for helping us celebrate.Her B-day treat

The kids out front of the bowling place

The kids waiting for the balls to come out
Jess's turn
Birthday Girl
Me with the kids
the girls

Jobe Snow Show in Clarksville

Jobe has a show in Clarksville, he said that it went great.

Pitty with Candi, Rick and Kids

Merry Go Round

The kids and I went to the mall, and of course they needed a pony ride.