Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Hike With Kelly and Tucker

We took an awesome hike out behind our house and took alot of
fun pictures in some old pasture pine trees out in our woods.
Jobe and Tucker decided to climb the tree

They sure are great climbing trees

Tucker up in the tree
Molly thought she was a little monkey
Me and little miss
Kelly Alice

Me and our boy in the tree
Daddy with Molly on his back
Molly enjoying her ride
Hiking with Dad
Shelby up in the tree
Brody wouldn't let go thought he would fall
The whole family in front of the cliffs behind our house

Shelby wanted a ride from Tucker
Kelster KBrody was some proud of his find

Family Photo Shoot

Kelly came for a visit so we thought it would be a perfect
time to do a family photo shoot. I know I put in alot
but they turned out so beautiful I couldn't resist.
Thanks a million KellyThanks to a wonderful cousin and an even better friend.
We love you lots.
The man of my dreams
Taking a stroll

Who is walking who?

Nice hair Molly
One very proud Mommy
One handsome Daddy

Me and my girls
Our brown eyed pixie

Our handsome boy

Our three charming children

Our Little Family
My gorgeous guys.