Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Special Meeting Family Photos.

Some photos of us dressed up for Milford Special Meetings
My whole beautiful family, I am so blessed Shelby being a goof
My love
2 blonde's
Jobe and Brody looking handsome
Our handsome boy
Me and our beautiful girls
Love those kisses
and these kisses
They photographers

Working On Brody's Model Car

Brody got a new model car his first one and he has been really enjoying working on it with Jobe. Sanding it down.

Candy From Uncle Marty

Thanks for the candy Uncle Marty

A Few Easter Goodies

Easter MorningDaddy reading his card

new magazine
Mommy reading her card
his model carloving her stuff
lots of goodies

new purse
Happy easter

My Roses

Jobe and Brody ran into the store and Brody saw these roses and wanted to get them for me. So he hid them behind his back till he got in the car and then when we got home they each came out of the bathroom carrying one for me. It was so precious.

Painting Easter Eggs

The kids love to painting eggs. Our finished eggs.Brody had green fingers for about 2 days

Daddy and Molly
Jobe'sBrody loves doing arts and crafts stuff like this.
Molly using the pink dye
The line up

Easter House

We made a Easter ginger bread house something fun for the kids 2 do on one of the nights when Daddy wasn't up for doing much!
The kids with the finish product
decorating the house
I think Molly ate more than see put on the house.
The girls helping me get set up
putting the house together. Nice wedge Molly!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Field Trip to Mountain Lane Farm

We thought we would head up for a visit to the farm, the kids love all the animals and the girls that run the farm. Thanks so much for having us up we so appreciate it. Shelby getting a pony ride.
The girls I love seeing them having so much fun together.
Molly sure does love the animals
One of the cutest baby donkeys I have seen.This is such a handsome boy!
Pony and puppies way too much funMolly hugging the baby donkey
Hannah getting some cuddle time from another baby donkey
Shelby sure loves the girls thanks for showing her some much love and your time.

The video is of the puppies eating one of them was just laying there kicking her legs it was so cute.