Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Special Meeting Duds

Milford Special Meetings
It was a very beautiful day and very special meetings.
Daddy had a migraine so he wasn't able to go.
We sure missed him.

Building our Snowmen and Tunnel

The kids enjoying the tunnel we made
Brody playing king of the mountain

The 3 snowmen

The kids had more fun destroying the snowmen

First Time With The Snow Scot in Pitsburg

Everyone was enjoying the snow scoot

Last Snowmobiling of the Season in Pittsburg

The guys all lined up for a ride
Dominick, Jobem Duane, Rya;s friend and Raymond
Todd and Dad in the back Nice helmet
Duane got just a little stuck

Then Jobe got just a little stuck

Evening Walk (April Fools Day)

We decided that we needed to take a walk one evening
it was warm out so we thought we should enjoy it.
It was a neat night because it was starting to get
foggy. The snow was really starting to melt so the kids
had fun playing in the water below the snow.
Brody (Shelby and the dogs in the back)
Mommy and Molly

Daddy and the big kids getting into the water

Brody's foot went through the snow and into the water below

Swing Set March 25th (a little out of order)

It was a beautiful day so I took the kids to the swing set
but we still had so much snow I had to move the swings
way up. The kids had a blast and where very happy to
finally get outside for some fresh air.

Candi's 30th Surprise Birthday

My friend Candi's 30th so her husband put together a
surprise birthday party for her. We went to Wes's house
first, then we took a stretch hummer to a club in Manchester.
Wes and Jobe


The stretch Hummer

Having a good time!
Candi, Jake and Steph
Wes and Rick