Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Thought I would quick fill everyone in on the happenings with Jobe and I next week. We are leaving Sat to head to Cancun with Phil and Tracy Blake. We are looking forward to the trip and the much needed getaway. Tracy's parents have a time share down there that they said we could use so that made it even more nice no accommodation expense. Phil use to work with Jobe before we got married, and we always have so much fun with them. Sad in a way because the kids will not be with us so that will be some different just the 2 of us for a week. My parents are keeping the kids till Thursday am and then they leave for Vegas. So then the kids will be going to Flip and Jan Henry's house which Brody keeps asking me when we are leaving so he can go to Willie's house, I some times wonder if we will be missed at all. Thanks to everyone watching kids, picking them up from school for us to make this trip possible. We will get pictures posted when we get home everyone have a wonderful week.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Justin and Julie Hussey's House

We stopped at my friend Julie's house on the way home from Pittsburg.
It was great to see her, the kids and her hubby Justin for a few
minutes. The kids sure loved the animals and now Brody
thinks we should buy a cow. I told him we would just go
and visit Julie more
Showing us some of their cows. 130+ heifers at this farm
and they are milking 85 at another farm. Don't know how
they keep up with it all

Brody's new girlfriend Allieplaying on the ice and both wiped out and got soaked
they have 10 of these big horses of course I cant

remember the kind they are.

The kids played for awhile before we went out and
saw all the animals. Shelby & Allie having fun Sawyer he is about 8 months what a happy baby!!
The dog stealing some kisses

Just our Family in Pittsburg 02/15-18/08

Molly after her bathAunt Evie's deer she had 5 come eat after we brought her home

Jobe went snowmobiling all day Saturday so the kids and I
picked up Aunt Evie and we to play with James and Hanna
at Claude and Linn's house. The kids has a blast and it was
good to get out of the camp for awhile. James is 6 months
younger than Brody and Hannah is 3 weeks younger than Shelby.

Happy Valentines Day

Momma with her kidsShelby opening her gifts from Duane, Andrea and the girls
Opening a few little gifts. I love you pillows from Grety & Pappas
Leggings for the girls from us and Brody got some more cars.
Daddy's Dove chocolate rose
Still my sweet and special Valentine.
Dad ready to go home to bed after plowing the night before

We had Mom and Dad up for a yummy Valentine feast.

The kids helped me decorate the cookies
LOTS and LOTS of sprinkles
The whole gang

Ethan's 5th Birthday Party 02/07/08

Ethan's party was a pirate theme it was really cute, I was just
really bad at taking photos that night. Happy Birthday Ethan.
I cant believe that they are 5 years old!!!!