Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brody's First Mudding Four Wheeler Ride

We took Brody for his first real mudding four wheeler ride. He did great got a little nervous every once in awhile but so wasn't I. He was getting off to start his rideThe whole crew minus Dad
First mud hole
Loving It!!!!
Mommy's turn
Oh yeah forgot he was in his new pants JUST GREAT!!!
Daddy and Molly's turn
Really thick mud when he would get stuck I would come up behind him and give him a little push.
A little help from Mom and Shelby
Molly making sure he is doing alright
One happy muddy boy.
Yes I did it!!!!

It got a little bogged down with all the mud so he had to push it up the hill.

Getting Fish for Pappas Pond up North

We went to the fish hatchery right up the road from camp and got Pappas some fish for his pond. The kids loved feeding and catching the fish.

The man was great and showed the kids lots of fish.
Trying to get us some really good fish.
Putting them into the bag so we could take them with us.
the bag full of fish

The fish survived the ride to camp
Pappas and Daddy checking out the fish
Letting them go in the pond

feeding them to see if the would come to the surface

My Gift From Marty

My gift from Marty. He sent me a rose bush and a candy arrangement. Loved both the gifts and they both survived the shipping. Thanks so much!!!! The kids always excited to open a gift from Marty because usually he puts in something for them and he didn't let them down this time either.
my candy arrangement.
the kids sure enjoyed this.
my rose bush, now to plant it in the perfect place.

Teddy Bear Picnic

The girls and I went in for Teddy Bear Picnic day at Brody's school. The girls had a great time. Thought it would be good for Shelby because she will go to preschool here in Sept.Making a bear

Shelby loved playing with the horses
One of the mother's read them a book about bears.
Outside for the picnic.
some different pictures of the 2 classes

the girls had their own picnic blanket. They sure loved the watermelon.

The girls in Brody's class loved playing with Shelby and Molly
After we went to the bathroom all the kids in Brody's class sat down with Molly

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Convention Ground Fun With the Timm's

During school vacation it was 92 one day so Lindi and I went down to the convention grounds so the kids could play in the streams. They had so much fun and in one spot we tried to make a dam. These are very out of order I forgot to download them from the camera. Aiden and Molly

Working on the dam
Not sure if this was big enough
The boys trying to move a huge log