Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Walk Down By The River Sunday After Meeting 05/18

Sunday after meeting we went downtown to walk along the river.
Then we got some grinders and had a picnic the kids had a blast.
Daddy and his kids headed back to the car.
Big brother giving a push back
Momma and Molly
Handsome Daddy
Brody Momma and Molly headed back to the car
Brody using this stick as a fishing pole
Kids had a blast playing on this rock

Molly walking on the path
Our three loves walking together
The girls headed to the bridge
Shelby playing in the water
The twins
Crazy Hair
Shelby and Brody

Daddy and Molly catching a ride
Daddy and his kids

Monday, May 19, 2008

4 Wheelin Fun May 17th in The Pit

We brought pizza and our 4 wheelers down to the
pit. The boys have been planning this outing.
Brody, Braden and ColbyKyle and Brody
Off they go!!

The Kids At Paxton's Swingset May 5th

After bus drop off all the kids played on Paxton's
swingset they had a blast. Thanks guys
Bre and AvaMolly
Brody, Colby, Paxton & Braden

Nadine Jones & Aunt Darlene's B-Day

Nadine came into town to run the Boston Marathon
so we all got together at Lou-Anne's new place
to wish her the best of luck. She did an awesome
job and we are all so proud of her.Lou-Anne & Keri-Anne
Katie, Kyle, Jill & Nadine
Aunt Rani & Aunt Bev
Grety & Molly
Happy Birthday Aunt Darlene
Help from the kids with the candles

Chuckie Cheese

Duane and Andrea for Christmas got the kids gift cards to
Chuckee Cheese. We all went one evening and the kids had a blast
They did dancing in front of the screen and all kinds of rides.