Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Baby Will Be 2 Soon

A few pictures of our blond girl. We cant believe that our baby will be 2 she is doing wonderful and very much full of it. She is such a little goof ball and always trying to make people laugh.

Brody Getting Towed Behind The Snowmobile

Brody going for a ride in a sled behind the snowmobile. It is a plastic barrel that was cut in half. Me and my brothers use to do the same thing, I think it is the same sled. Brody thought it was so much fun. Shelby was riding with me and we were pulling Brody, and Molly was riding with Daddy on the snow scoot.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jobe's Surprising Haircut

Jobe on the day that all our kids had to get a haircut because Brody took the scissors to everyone. He comes home and tells me he is going to shave his head.I about had a fit at this point. He was serious
The hair
The end results. He went to see Steph the next day for a touch up.

Valentines Day

The kids opening their goodies from Us and Grety and Pappas Shirt in side out and backwards. Some new fusion clay

My gift new Life is Good Pjs
Jobe with his goodies
Me and my valentine
The boys did some snowmobiling
Brody driving his snow scoot

Ethan's 6th Birthday

He sure seems like a happy 6 year oldThe Timm family
The gifts

Grandma explaining to Ethan that it is his great grandfather in the army picture on her card.

Girls Night at Kelly's

Kelly did a wonderful job. She made haystacks. YUMMY the table
A little something for the hostess

Happy 9th Birthday Ellie ( sorry out of order)

Ellie and Shelby blowing out candles
Gift time

Thanks Tucker

Tucker came up Monday night and he had a gift for Brody and new grader toy. He thought it was fantastic, and we thought it was so considerate of him.

Goodies From Pappa and Gran

Opening his gift. Thanks for our gifts, we love them.
He got a turtle night light that puts stars up on the ceiling
Shelby's new shirt
Molly's new shirt

Our Gift to Unlce Marty

Kids calender
A coffee mug
The bird wanted in on the action

Brody's Family Party

Brody in his birthday crown. Thanks so much everyone for coming to his partyCooper and the bird
Molly getting kisses from Natalie
Jocelyn, Molly and Shelby playing with sponge capsules
Molly and Natalie
Molly enjoying her cake
Blowing out his candles
He gets embarrassed when you sing to him
The cake
Gift time thanks for all the wonderful gifts
Dean and Natalie
loving his gifts
Yes a Nerf shotgun
The favorite part of the party
The kids eating
Marty's cake decorating skills. Thanks Uncle Marty
Opening his gift from Uncle Marty a new digital camera
Miss Molly
The kids sure love when Uncle Marty comes
Brody was so happy for his money from Great Grampy and Joan. He bought a fake bird that you feed and it squawks at you he loves it.
Early Valentine's from Uncle Marty
Thanks a million