Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brody Miles 6 Year Old Snow Pictures

Took some pictures of Brody for his 6th Birthday invitation
cant believe our little man will be 6 in a week in a half. Playing with Bubba
Enjoying some sledding

Hanging Out Saturday With Kelly K

The kids helping with super
Mamie get freaked out by the bird climbing on her head
Tucker finally came in from snow blowing the deck
Me and Smooch
Tucker clearing off our deck for us ( he is such a wonderful help)
Shelby enjoying her whip cream
Molly enjoying her whip cream
They think this is so cool
Mamie wondering why I scrapbook
All occupied
Molly Anna having some alone time
Brody chillin out
Brody again
Shelby Lynn
Brody giving Molly a hug when he got home
Kelly and I did some scrap booking Saturday while Jobe was at work and then
went snowmobiling with the guys. So a few shots of the kids hanging out at home.
Then Tucker came up to snow blow the deck for us it was alot better than
shoveling it like Jobe and I planned on doing. Thanks again Tuck

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boston With Kelly and Tucker

I forgot to add this beautiful picture of Jobe. He put spinach in his
teeth our waitress thought that he had missing teeth it was hilarious
Jobe had a show down in Boston so Tucker, Kelly and I went down

and picked him up and went out for super at the cheesecake factory.

We had a blast!

Kelly and Tucker

Kelly and Me
Charming of me

Outside of the restaurant Kelly and I were matching it wasn't planned

Of course you have to have cheesecake


Me and my love


Tucker and Kelly again

doing a little shopping

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3rd Weekend in a Row Up North.

We went up north with Phil and Tracy Blake. We went to Aunt Evie's
for Sunday lunch.
The girls checking out the deer.
Shelby loves her big dolls
Phil and Tracy
Auntie and Molly
Phil goofing with Shelby
Her deer that she feeds

The kids in their ride!!
Daddy and his ride
Getting ready to leave
we are off for about a 55 mile ride, it was awesome.
Was dark when we got back. Jobe had fun

Tracy took alot of pictures so Iam hopping to get some of hers.

Our Anniversary

We had a wonderful 9 year anniversary
A very happy me
My handsome hubby

Our new rings

We ran into Grampy and Joan on their 4 week anniversary
at the Mile Away where we had super
Us out front of the Mile Away
Jobe with his new ring
I got us new rings, Jobe has been wanting a Tungsten ring
they don't scratch or cant get crushed so he wanted one for work.
He had no idea that I was getting these rings. A good surprise.
Opening his present
reading the card
My card was absolutely beautiful
Early present new mug and hot chocolate. I also got a new hat,
and a collage picture frame for pictures of us.