Jobe, Mamie, Brody, Shelby and Molly

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth of July Everyone

Jobe had to go to Canada for a funeral so he wont be around for the 4th. I am hoping to take the kids to a parade and then we have a Curtis family reunion at Mom and Dad's on Saturday so it should be a busy weekend. Hopefully everyone has a wonderful weekend.
The 5 Miles

Shelby Turns 3

Shelby opening her gift from Uncle Marty
Thanks Uncle Marty

Thank you for my Candy Land game
Birthday morning opening her gift from us
A new bathing suit, sunglasses, doll and clothes.

The birthday party
Shelby and her cake
blowing out the candles

Sarah and Dean
The girls chatting
Mom & Debbie
The guys entertaining themselves
Thanks so much for the gifts everyone!!!!

Getting covered with bubbles from Grety

Jocelyn getting bubbles
The girls having a visit.
They will be doing this many more times I am sure

Our Family Pictures From The Wedding

Nate & Katie Ball

We are so happy for the both of you!The stand where they were married
Daddy and Molly
Nate's parents
Grampy and the twins
The grooms mens and the bridesmaids

Colby, Braden and Kyle
Bre dropping the flower petals
Here comes the boys they carried the rings on a shell.
Waiting for the bride
Here comes the bride

The Ceremony

First kiss as husband and wife
Mr. and Mrs. Ball

Shelby getting a kiss from the bride
Kristy, Garrett and Hannah
Daddy and his girls
Katie and Aunt Bonnie
Nate and his parents
The new couple
Brooke and Meghan
Corey, Jananne, Brooke and Garrett
Throwing the garter
Kelly Alice
Throwing the flowers
Kelly and Brandon caught the goodies

The 8 Curtis Girls

Molly Anna
Nadine and Aunt Brenda

Hanging out on the car
Molly and Brody
A pouting Shelby
Best of Buddies
Ryan, Theressa and Karli
Duane, Andrea and the Girls
The deGroot Family
The kids all in the Jeep
Checking out the horses
Molly, Aunt Brenda and Lila
Cutting The Cake
A good kiss after the cake cutting.
They got pelted with bird seed
Molly was grabbing her share of seed
Off they go
I know I posted lots of pictures but they were so good
I coulnt resist them. Everyone looked so beautiful.